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Surprise! Spice Up Your Relationship Routine

Once upon my travels in Chile, I heard a man tell an allegory about marriage. In this story all the emotions sat together conspiring about how they could destroy a marriage. They decided… Continue reading

How To Wreck Your Marriage With One Action. Love, The Marriage Doctor

I recently consulted with the professionals on the topic of love and marriage. Professor Jeremy Boden is a professional marriage and family therapist. He works at Utah Valley University. Talking to him was… Continue reading

Our First Christmas In The ICU. Finding God, Grace and The True Meaning Of Christmas

One moment can change a life, or at least a Christmas break. This moment put life and the holidays into perspective. Many people asked exactly what happened to Jacob and with his permission… Continue reading

Dream Together

I am currently a Life Coach for a wonderful company called Prosper. When we help people develop firm visions of what they want and achieve their goals, we have them create a “Dream… Continue reading

No Plan B = The Recipe For Success

Thoughts of Robin and Greg Belzeski bring many things to mind: solid, adventurous, family-oriented and loving couple. Even writing this article makes me nervous because I want to do them justice. They have… Continue reading

Want More Money, Promotions and Live Longer? Get Married.

If you’re susceptible to vice, find a wife. She’ll save you from yourself—and improve your life—in a variety of ways. Most notably, she’ll . . . 1. Increase Your Pay A Virginia Commonwealth… Continue reading

An Endurance Race That Became a Love Story

After writing my last blog on my Daybell grandparents I began to think of my other dear grandparents, J and Marjie Eborn. J and Marjie were married 58 years. I did not consider… Continue reading

62 Years Tried and Proven

This post was wonderful to write and to research. It’s on my dear grandparents, Garvin and Jeanne Daybell. Jeanne passed away 2 years ago, but while she was alive she and Garvin were… Continue reading

14 Years and Playing! 14 Anos y Todavia Jugando!

Xavier y Melissa Se conocieron en la ciudad de Cuenca Ecuador mientras ella prestaba servicio voluntario en esa ciudad a través del programma OSSO. OSSO es un programa que a mas de brindar… Continue reading

I Promise

Before and after my mission to Chile, I was always a little worried about marriage. I come from divorced parents and while on my mission I found out that four of my six… Continue reading