How To Attract Your “Perfect” Mate

It seems the universe gives us themes. The universe presented me with single people wanting to know how they, too, can find a wonderful partner. That is the theme of this post. My disclaimer to this post is that I don’t know if a person can claim to be a professional in the art of getting married. Did I get married? Yes. Has it been a whole lot of fun? Definitely.

The number one way to attracting a spouse is to BE HAPPY!! Create happiness in your life. Find joy when you are single. When you find your partner they will not “make” you happy, but add to the happiness that is already there, creating a happiness supernova!

Also at times when one is feeling jaded to love, you can try to do a “love meditation.” Utilize the key moments, i.e. just waking up or falling asleep. This is called the Alpha state in which the awareness expands, fear vanishes, and fresh creative energy begins to flow. This time is perfect for focusing the consciousness. Just imagine what you and your future spouse will be like together, what you will do together and how it will feel when you are with each other. Don’t focus on what they look, but more on the energy light you will have and exude together.

I did this in the years before meeting Jacob. It helped for many different reasons.

1) It helps you be able to recognize the relationship worth trying for once you’ve found it.

2) If you believe in the Law of Attraction, it will attract the relationship you want by sending the energy out to the divine.

3) If you do have a relationship and it ends, you can find peace in the knowledge that your “ideal relationship” does still exist. God is just weeding out the ones He knows won’t be best for you. What you feel during the break up may be agonizing, but there in an underlying feeling of peace.

Note: Make sure this is done with a feeling of peace and not desperation. Feelings of desperation only attract more desperation.

Be where you can meet your spouse. This is a tip a therapist once gave me. If you want someone who is athletic, go join a biking club. If you want someone who is intellectual, join a mastermind group. If you want someone spiritual, go to church. If you want someone nerdy, go to Comic Con ! Be where people are. Allow yourself to be seen and interact with those around you. This will help you more than finding your spouse. Being around people is a factor that contributes to higher overall happiness.

Last note to attracting your perfect mate: Be the kind of person you want to marry! You can’t expect to find something your spouse that you don’t posses. When you are feeling down because the “right” person has not come, look inward. See what characteristics you would like to improve and work on that.

Well, hope something here inspired you and helps you out. Even if you’re married, many of these principles can apply. The Love Mediation is especially effective. Tweak it just a little. During the Alpha state, focus on all the great things your spouse already does for you.