No Plan B = The Recipe For Success


Thoughts of Robin and Greg Belzeski bring many things to mind: solid, adventurous, family-oriented and loving couple. Even writing this article makes me nervous because I want to do them justice. They have been a couple I have respected greatly for all of my life. They are my aunt and uncle and have been married 30 years.

Their love began at a laundromat over folding clothes and the romantic sound of dryers in the background. Greg immediately noticed this 5’7″ beauty with long black hair who would someday become his wife. Their courtship began then and blossomed into their marriage in 1983 in the Boise City Courthouse.

“It was very fancy,” Greg said with a hint of sarcasm. “We got married in the afternoon. After, we both went back to work. She worked as a receptionist in a hotel and I was a projectionist.”

When I asked about what was his favorite thing that Robin does he exclaimed, “She wakes up and I am happy.”

Her response to this was, “The fact he said that makes me happy.”

Greg reminiscing said, “There is not a particular memory that stands out as an especially happy moment. They’re all good, even the bad times are good.”

“What is the secret to our marriage? There has never been an exit strategy, there are no other alternative plans. We’re in this to stay.”

Out of all the interviews I’ve written thus far this is the first that brought a tear to my eye. The whole time while interviewing my uncle, he and Robin were laughing together. I never considered Uncle Greg a romantic and neither does he, but he stated his thoughts and what came out was poetry.