An Endurance Race That Became a Love Story

After writing my last blog on my Daybell grandparents I began to think of my other dear grandparents, J and Marjie Eborn. J and Marjie were married 58 years. I did not consider writing a blog on them because I never really saw them as a “loving couple,” even though they were also married a substantial amount of time. I saw them as an excellent partnership, but never truly a happy marriage.

After taking a deeper look into their love story and analyzing the facts, the end of their marriage showed it’s true colors. This was before Grandma Marjie passed away. Their marriage shone gold and worthy of praise.

Marjie and J met in 1954 when Marjie waited on Jay’s table. They later married in the Logan Temple in 1954. They had their reception at the Blue Bird Cafe, which still stands their today. They went on to have six children and worked and owned their own dairy.

When asked what made them a lasting marriage, their posterity agreed, “they were committed to each other, to their Lord and to their work. They did everything together.”

“When Grandma was going through Chemotherapy, Grandpa drove her every week to her treatments, even if it was to Salt Lake, Logan or just the local doctors in Montpelier,” Terry Lamm, Marjie’s daughter, said.

Bernice Eborn commented, “they always seemed to have respect for each other. Whenever I would see them driving around, Mom would sit next to Dad.  The last week of Marjie’s life she commented all she wanted to do was snuggle with J.

Love can be easy at first  but then the hard times set in and that is when your love is tested.”

So what is their secret to a happy marriage? Keep going, push on, and in the end what seems to be an endurance race of love can turn into gold, far more precious then anything you could have traded for it.

Margie and J