I Promise

Before and after my mission to Chile, I was always a little worried about marriage. I come from divorced parents and while on my mission I found out that four of my six married siblings had or were also getting a divorce. The news was devastating and resulted in a tormented mind when it came to lasting love…

Everyone had seemed so happy. Sure they had problems, but they were committed. It caused me to question if I myself was capable of keeping a marriage together. Statistically  speaking the chances did not look so good, but I knew a marriage could last, I just didn’t know how.

When I got home I expressed my concerns to my dear mother and mentor Marlene. After listening with an open heart she recommended an incredible book I Promise.

I Promise

This book addressed my concerns. It showed how two normal people could have a successful marriage. They need to rely on the Lord to be their life source and not their partner. The author spoke of marriage in such a positive light. He spoke about how content he was with his marriage. It brought me hope in a time of analysis.

When I started dating my now husband, we read the pages together, talking about and pondering what we had read. It still sits on my shelf and is picked up again from time to time. I would highly recommend it to any single person or married couple.

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