Burnt Their Ships in 1985 and Still Conquering

Debbie and Mark have been married 30 years. They were married in the Manti Temple in Manti, Utah, and have have four beautiful children. All four of their children have gone on to serve LDS humanitarian missions and the three sons have also married in the temple with women who have also served missions.

The youngest daughter, Kaetline, is off the hook so far because she is still off serving the people in Spain.

I was privileged enough to marry into the wonderful Bracken family. They have accepted me as their daughter with open arms. I will never forget a night we got together months before Jacob and my wedding.

Debbie and Mark sat Jacob and me down to talk to us about the decisions we were about to make.

Mark, with tears in his eyes, began to tell us to what their 30 years of marriage could be contributed.

“Burn your ships,” he said. “The Romans and many other conquering nations had so much success when taking over due to the fact that when they landed on a new land the leaders would burn their ships. This was to ensure retreat was not an option for their men. It was be victorious or die!

The men knowing that victory or death were their only options, fought like lions. They wouldn’t give up, even with their very last breath.

Marriage has to be like this. When you accept to marry each other you must burn your ships, there is no escape. Divorce cannot be an option, if it is you will take it. But if success is the only option you will both try your hardest and give it your all to make the marriage last, fulfilling and eternal.”

Debbie and Mark